February 25, 2018

Artisan Sites

Websites for all types of artists are my specialty. Good content (copywriting) and a knowledgeable website designer will go a long way in helping Google and other search engines find your website. Great pictures and relevant descriptions will keep website visitors on your site and hopefully convert them into a customer. The WordPress content management system (CMS) is used to create your website. Some actually update the WordPress Website themselves or have a designated person who is good with applications keep the website updated. Most will have me update the site for them for a nominal fee.

  • Prices start at $599 for a full-blown artisan site with up to 10 galleries and training.
  • My rate for updating your site is only $45.00 for the first 1.5 hours (or fraction) and $35.00 per hour for each additional hour (or fraction), so I find that many customers just have me do their updates for them.
  • Hosting is available for your site. I can work with your choice of hosting companies or host the site for you for a reasonable fee.

2016 Offer Enhancement!

Artisan customers who host with JW Web Solutions now get a FREE update of their Events Page every year.

I will work with you to find the right solution and help you get a return on your internet investment.
Please call me at 919-321-8349 between 9 am and 6 pm Eastern Time.
Best regards,
Rick Sheets

Liberty Longrifles LLC
Marvin Kemper is a traditional Kentucky rifle maker. This website uses galleries to showcase his work. A custom header was created from a classic, Federal style eagle engraving from an antique powder horn.
Nature Trail Craft
This website is for a custom wood and pen turner located in Lynchburg, Virgina. We used animated pictures extensively to showcase his hand-turned pens "in the round."
Allen Martin Rifles
This is a typical artisan site featuring galleries, upcoming events and contact information.

“My new website is precisely what I needed. Most web developers are willing to take your money but slow to make changes and charge a small fortune. Not so with Rick. I recommend Rick to anybody looking for a simple yet attractive, easy to use and affordable website.
- Allen Martin, AllenMartinRifles.com”
Billy Griner Hornmaker
This is a typical artisan site featuring galleries and contact information. Billy Griner hails from the coastal region of Georgia so we included a historic map in the background.
Jeff Bibb Pouches and Horns
This is a typical artisan site featuring galleries and contact information. Jeff Bibb is from an old Virginian family and still lives on the property from the original land grant. We put Mr. Bibb's mountain in the header in a watercolor effect.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fine job you did creating my website I was always a little skeptical about having a website and maintaining it, but you have made the process a very enjoyable one.”
- Jeff Bibb, Jeff Bibb Pouches and Horns
Mitch Yates Gunmaker
This is a typical artisan site featuring galleries and contact information. We did a little something different by making a montage of Mr. Yates' signed pieces.
Nate McKenzie Gunmaker
This is a typical artisan site featuring galleries and contact information.

"At one time I thought I didn’t need a website. Boy was I wrong. Rick has made it simple and I have gotten much positive feedback and exposure through my web site. Rick, thanks for a great experience."
— Nate McKenzie, Gunmaker
Shinin' Times Powder Horns
This is an artisan site, which takes advantage of the ease of adding gallery images and text.

"I am delighted with the website you designed for me. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it since you set it up. People say it’s easy to navigate and enjoyable to page through. I think it draws people in. You did a fine job. Thanks!"
— Mark Preston, Shinin’ Times Powder Horns