January 18, 2018


How long will it take to create my Website?

There are several steps to creating your website. We will start with an “image” of the proposed site and a list of content. We will talk about who will create the content of the site. Generally speaking, the customer is responsible for the written parts.  In some respects, the speed of competition of the site is up to you.  A simple website can be ready in about three to four weeks, but it takes at least six weeks for most sites.

What is your price for a website?
If you want a very basic WordPress site  and training, the starting price is $599. (We do have a less expensive alternative. Please see below.) If you need pictures, custom graphics and copy writing the price will increase depending on what you need. The final price depends on what you want. All charges are plainly stated before we start.

I want a Website, but I don’t have a budget for it. Can you get me started?
You can start of with a landing page or a simple one page “brochure” website. This can be very inexpensive and give you a website address (like, www.yourbiz.com) to use on your business cards, letterhead and in your advertisements. You will have your own website address and we can improve your website when your budget improves. We will work with you; there is no reason not to get started.

Do I need a Website or a Blog?
If you have a ready audience wanting to hear what you have to say, you should have a blog in your website. If you do not think you have the time to update a blog on a fairly regular basis, stick with a website. With WordPress you can add a blog at anytime.

I want to update my Website; can I do that?
The WordPress website is fairly easy to update for some people. The more you use it, the easier it will become.  If you struggle with programs such as WORD and Excel, you will probably not like to update your website as WordPress is similar. Once your website is launched and live on the Internet, we can help you update it for a nominal fee. Training is extra.

I do not want to update the website by myself, what is your price for a updating the website for me?
We can update your site for $45 for the first 1.5 hours (or fraction). Each additional hour is $35 (or fraction). Many updates can be achieved within the first hour and a half.

Why do you charge extra for WordPress training? Why is it not included in the price of my website?
Quite frankly we have found that people pay attention and retain more when they are being charged for training. Training is $65 per hour either by SKYPE screen share or in person if you are local to Durham, NC. After an hour of training and you decide updating the site is not for you, we will credit you for $65 dollars worth of updates done by us.

Can I have a third-party update my website?
You own your own website and you can have your choice of person to update it. Of course, JW Web Solutions cannot be held responsible if you use a 3rd party to work on your site. We charge our normal hourly rates to fix websites broken by others.

Do I have to use JW Web Solutions as my hosting company?
No, you don’t have to use our hosting. We will help you set-up your LAMP/WordPress account at your choice of hosting companies for $50. If you want us to have the ability to help you, we will need login privileges to your WordPress and hosting accounts.
Of course, if you use our hosting, it simplifies the process.


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